SMS Over The Air


SMS Over The Air, formerly SOTA, is an application designed to catch incoming SMS on your Android phone and transfert them to your desktop computer, using the wifi local network. It only establish connections between your computer and you phone. In that way, your communications will never be seen on any external web service. In order to enforce privacy, SOTA uses RSA public/private keys to protect your data (algorithms provided by bouncycastle). In that way, nobody else than you will be able to read your messages.

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This application is provided in two parts : the android application and the desktop one. Everything is open-source and provided under Gnu LGPL.

Current version is 201210301 (Beta)

Android app Flash this to download apk

Android app

Downloadable APK : click here

On Google Play Store (Android Market) : coming soon

Desktop app

Desktop app

Auto-updatable Java Web Start : click here

Self runnable jar : click here

Source code

The source code is available in the subversion repository from


You can contact me and/or request features on this project page from